Priory of St. James – AK, CA, HI, OR, WA – Prior Mike Denton

Priory of Saint Michael – ME, NH, VT, CT (East), MA, RIPrior Dave Gagnon

Priory of St. Bernard – AL, GA, NC, SC, TN – Prior Victor Reeves

Priory of St. Benedict – AR, OK, LA, MS, Greece  – Master Commander Rick Trujillo

Priory of St. Bartholomew – DC, VA – Prior Tony Woodward

Priory of the Holy Cross – DE, MD, WV – Prior Alan Scarlett

Priory of St. Mark – FL(Miami, Orlando, Tampa), Puerto Rico – Prior Mark Mora

Priory of St. Louis –  MN, NY, OH, WI, CT(west) – Prior David Schweitzer

Priory of HIS Coming Glory of MO, KS, IN, IL, NE Grand Archivist Richard DeFord

Priory of The Apostles- MI- Prior Mark Pica

Priory of Saint Polycarp- OH, KY- Prior Phillip Burd Jr.

Priory of Lady Jane Grey – PA – Prior Willard Carpenter

Priory of St. Gabriel – TX – Master Commander Kevin Dorsey

Priory of Saint Paul- NJ – Master Commander Johannes Jan VanderNoord

Priory of Saint MartinWY, MT, IA, SD, ND – Master Commander Sakura Lee

Priory of Saint Helena- NM, UT, CO-  Master Commander Rick Trujillo

Priory of King David- ID, NV, AZ- Master Commander Derek Nordio

Last updated - 1/1/2019